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Achievement of Science and Technology
Aesthetic resin has lead the new age of appearance design in household appliance since 2008.
KUMHOSUNNY achieved “Technology Innovation Award” in plastics industry by Ringier Trade Publishing Ltd. in 2011.
KingplatTM PC/ABS has become the leader of high peel strength plating PC/ABS and also has been successfully used in GM/VW since 2011.
Planting Free ABS/PMMA applied to CHERY/GEELY successfully from 2011.
Elastomer PETG has been achieved the transformation successfully and applied to Colgate since 2010.
International cooperation project Ecoblend® PC/PET has been used in Konica Minolta since 2010.
Halogen Free Flame Retardant PC/ABS achieved Minhang District Technology Achievement Award in 2010 and has been used in SHARP since then.
Super High Weather Resistant ASA was exploited firstly by KUMHOSUNNY in 2009 and has been applied to VW/GM since then.
Super High Heat Resistant ABS one of Shanghai Focus products has been used in DPCA successfully since 2009.
NEW PC/ABS has become the domestic professional leader and has been used in GM/SAIC/VW successfully since 2009.
KUMHOSUNNY became the word second manufacturer of IP materials SMA+GF applied to GM/FORD/SAIC in 2009.
MPPE has been developed to apply to Household & Auto Field since 2009.
Interior PA/ABS was realized industrialization in the passenger car firstly in 2009 and has been used in DPCA since then.
IP materials PC/ABS was approved on critical component in 2009 and has been used in VW since then.
Low Foggy PBT/PET has been applied to Konica Minolta since 2007.
VW(大众);DPCA(神龙);GM(通用);Ford(福特);SAIC(上汽);CHERY(奇瑞);GEELY(吉利;Konica Minolta(柯尼卡美能达);SHARP(夏普);Colgate(高露洁)。