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R&D Strength

KUMHO - SUNNY , has been focusing on the category of PC/ABS and ABS for 13 years . Great work on research brings us to the lead position on technology, which is the simple tips for being the technology leader .
KUMHO- SUNNY will pour annual turnover of more than 4% , not less than 40 million into research every year , the integration of polymerization, reactive extrusion, processing , color design and other international experts to build a high - quality and innovative R&D team.
R&D Center
Integrate polymerization technology into compounding and improve the quality at the source.
CMP Center
Professional design and combination of colors, providing personalized custom-made service.
Testing Center
Obtain CNAS certification and possess the national accredited third party testing qualification.
Technical Service Center
Participate in model design with professional software as moldflow and provide a full range of technical support and after-sale service.

Technical experts

Pro. Shinich Izawa
(Inventor of PPE)

Pro. Takashi Inoue
(Top 1 in Janpan Polymer Processing)

(Korean Color Design Expert)

(Senior experts of the polymerization of styrene, having more than 20 years experience in polymerization fields.)