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Shanghai KUMHO-SUNNY Plastics Co., Ltd is the Top 1 ABS series plastics compounding company with polymerization background in China. Developed over the past decade, sales of KUMHO-SUNNY about automotive engineering plastics is growing at the rate more than 30% annual, and sales had reached 20,000 tons in 2011. Now KUMHO-SUNNY forms the Long-term closer partnership with General Auto OEMs such as Volkswagen, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, and it has been the core material suppliers of auto tie 1 such as Yanfeng Visteon, Faurecia, Skoito Minth and so on. In 2004, PC/ABS dashboard material invented by KUMHO-SUNNY was the first successful case of key components of Volkswagen localization; in 2007, SMA+GF dashboard reinforcing material developed by KUMHO-SUNNY, broke up the monopoly of overseas large companies, by cooperated with General Motors; in 2010, KUMHO-SUNNY is the top 1 which is developed ultra-high weather resistance ASA in China. KUMHO-SUNNY plays a key role in the localization process of automotive material, with the unending innovative spirit. KUMHO-SUNNY is recognized as the domestic professional leader of automotive material of ABS, the PC / ABS and ASA.
Radiator Grill & Bumper
Components Material Grades Notes
Radiator Grill PC/PBT HCB9230  
PC/PET HTC6060 Suitable for Metallic paint
and Body Varnish
ASA XC230 Paint-free,Good Weather Resistance
XC230HW Paint-free,Excellent Weather Resistance
XC811 Paint-free,Good Weather Resistance
XC811HW Paint-free,Excellent Weather Resistance
AES HW600G Paint-free,Excellent Low Temperature Impact
PC/ABS HAC8250 High Heat,High Impact,Suitable for Painting
HAC8260 High Heat,High Impact,Suitable for Painting
Chrome Plated Grill & Trim Plating ABS ABS710 High Yield
ABS730 High Cost-effective
ABSH2938P High Heat
Plating PC/ABS HAC8244 High Heat,High Impact
Bumper PBT/ABS HAB8740B