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Shanghai KUMHO-SUNNY Plastics Co., Ltd is the Top 1 ABS series plastics compounding company with polymerization background in China. Developed over the past decade, sales of KUMHO-SUNNY about automotive engineering plastics is growing at the rate more than 30% annual, and sales had reached 20,000 tons in 2011. Now KUMHO-SUNNY forms the Long-term closer partnership with General Auto OEMs such as Volkswagen, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, and it has been the core material suppliers of auto tie 1 such as Yanfeng Visteon, Faurecia, Skoito Minth and so on. In 2004, PC/ABS dashboard material invented by KUMHO-SUNNY was the first successful case of key components of Volkswagen localization; in 2007, SMA+GF dashboard reinforcing material developed by KUMHO-SUNNY, broke up the monopoly of overseas large companies, by cooperated with General Motors; in 2010, KUMHO-SUNNY is the top 1 which is developed ultra-high weather resistance ASA in China. KUMHO-SUNNY plays a key role in the localization process of automotive material, with the unending innovative spirit. KUMHO-SUNNY is recognized as the domestic professional leader of automotive material of ABS, the PC / ABS and ASA.
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Turn signal lamp Heat Resistance ASA XC230 High Heat,Good Weather Resistance
Heat Resistance ABS H2938 High Heat, High Impact
Cargo Lamp Heat Resistance ABS H2938 High Cost-effective
HU600 High Heat
PC/ABS HAC8250 High Heat, High Impact
HAC8250Z Low Gloss,High Heat
Cargo Lamp Light DIffusion PC 3601 High Transparency
3602 Excellent Balance of Transparency and Diffusion
3603 High Diffusion
3604 Frosted Effect