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Excellent Weatherability ASA

Excellent Weatherability ASA

Excellent Weatherability ASA

With the automotive industry increase weatherability requirements to paint-free interior and exterior parts, KUMHO-SUNNY developed excellent Weatherability ASA resin, by using the fourth monomer and compatible distribution technology.

With the automotive industry increase weatherability requirements to paint-free interior and exterior parts, KUMHO-SUNNY developed excellent Weatherability ASA resin, by using the fourth monomer and compatible distribution technology. 





  • Increase weathering resistance by 40% compare with the common ASA 
  • Maintain high performance good long-term usability after aging
  • High Flow 



Weathering Evaluation---Xenon Resistance


Total Energy KJ/m2

Dalta E Color Fastness Dalta E Color Fastness
1500 0.7 4-5 0.5 4-5
2000 1.1 4-5 0.6 4-5
2500 1.8 4 0.5 4-5
3000 3.5 3-4 1.5 4
3500 5.2 2 2.2 4
4000 5.8 2 3 3


* Test Standard: SAE J2527 (SAE J1960)

After 3500 KJ/m2 irradiation of xenon lamp, ASAXC811-HW still maintains smaller delta E and higher color fastness.



Long-term Usability Evaluation---Heat Aging


* Test Standard: ISO188

After 1000 hours heat aging, ASAXC811-HW mechanical properties has little changed, and still maintains high performance.







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