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"A"Surface Performance Reinforced Materials

"A"Surface Performance Reinforced Materials

With the trend of metal replacement in automotive, reinforced PBT has been appreciated extensive for its excellent heat resistance and high mechanical performance. With polymerization, KUMHO-SUNNY overcame problem about the warpage and the fiber revealed on surface of reinforced PBT of KUMHO-SUNNY had no warpage and fibers revealed on surface, and reinforced PBT has been applied in the free-spraying automotive exterior parts successfully.

With the trend of metal replacement in automotive, reinforced PBT has been appreciated extensive for its excellent heat resistance and high mechanical performance. With polymerization, KUMHO-SUNNY overcame problem about the warpage and the fiber revealed on surface of reinforced PBT of KUMHO-SUNNY had no warpage and fibers revealed on surface, and reinforced PBT has been applied in the free-spraying automotive exterior parts successfully.





  •  Meet the automotive exterior weathering requirements of Ford, Volkswagen and other OEMs
  • Withstand the temperature of 180 ℃, and long-term usability at 150 ℃
  • High surface performance, no fiber revealed on surface, free-spraying
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low warpage, good dimensional stability







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