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Paint-free is becoming the trend of automotive interior and exterior design in future. Paint-free visual effect resin -- Shockly® developed by KUMHO-SUNNY reduced the flow marks, enlarged the design space and reduced cost effectively.


♦ Colorful-in™, one-step molding without painting, simplified processing.

♦ Colorful-in™,multiple visual effect without welding line and flow marks, enlarged the design space.

♦ Colorful-in™, environment friendly, 100% recyclable.


Effect of Colorful-in™:

         ♦  Sparkle Effect

            Crystal Sparkle Effect

            Star Sparkle Effect

            Fine and Smooth Sparkle Effect 



                                                                                Crystal Sparkle Effect                        Star Sparkle Effect                   Fine and Smooth Sparkle Effect 





        Pearly Effect

        Silk Mercerizing Effect

        Iron Gray Silver Effect

        Bright Silver Effect



                                                                                   Silk Mercerizing Effect                        Iron Gray Silver Effect                          Bright Silver Effect






         ♦ Natual Texture Effect

            Jade Effect

            Marbled Effect

            Flow Effect




                                                                                           Jade Effect                                         Marbled Effect                                    Flow Effect






         ♦ Other Effect

          Light Diffusion Effect

          Luminous Effect

          Shiny Black



                                                                                        Light Diffusion Effect                       Luminous Effect                             Shiny Black




Products List of Colorful-in™


Materials Grades Features Visual effect
Heat Resistance ABS ABS-HM Easy For Molding, Flexible
  • Sparkle
  • Pearly Sparkle
  • Semi-transparent Sparkle
  • Semi-transparent Pearly Sparkle
  • Mental Sparkle
PMMA MA504-M Anti-scratch, Extrusion, Bright In Color
PC/ABS HAC-M High Strength, Flexible
PC PC-M High Strength
ASA ASA-M Excellent Weather Resistance

 Colorful-in™ has multiple products for you to choose, meet different needs


Colorful-in™ Appliance Guide

Kumhosunny possesses color development center composed of color consultant experts and color design engineers. Based on the strong R&D capabilities, Autodesk moldflow is introduced to optimize structural design according to Coloful-inTM characteristic and product requirements. Kumhosunny initiates CMP department in China modified industry in order to assist customers for product development. To meet the customer requirements of performance of various products, Kumhosunny has developed Coloful-inTM materials with different base resins to offer better choices.



Colorful-in™ Appliance Areas:

Colorful-in™ molding in color visual effect resin can realise pearly and sparkle effect by direct injection or extrusion molding. Colorful-in™ is widely used in air-conditioner panel, washing machine panel, small household appliance shell and console in cars.

Colorful-in™ considered as the first domestic brand of aesthetics resin, is applied to air-conditioner panel of Haier, Midea, AUX, and gear panel on Roewe950. Colorful-in™ has high reputation in plastic industry through providing innovation solutions of appearance to householding and OEMs.






Grades Characteristics Application (Case Share) Product Data Sheet MSDS UL
Auto Household Appliances High-end Consumer Electronics Others ASTM ISO
ABS-TM(ABS) Easy For Molding, Flexible Panel
ABS-M(ABS) Easy For Molding, Flexible Panel
ABS-HM98(ABS) IP & Console
ABS-HM102(ABS) IP & Console
ABS-HM108(ABS) IP & Console
ABS-HM112(ABS) IP & Console
ASA-M(ASA) Weather Resistance Pillar
AES-M(AES) Weather Resistance Pillar
MA500-M(PMMA) Anti-scratch, Weather Resistance Pillar
MA700-M(PMMA) Anti-scratch, Weather Resistance Pillar
M300-M (PMMA) Anti-scratch, Extrusion, Bright in color CoverPanel
M301-M (PMMA) Anti-scratch, Extrusion, Bright in color Decoration strip
M504-M (PMMA) Anti-scratch, Extrusion, Bright in color
HAC-M (PC/ABS) High strength, Flexible, Flame retardant IP & Console
PC-M (PC) High Strength,High Heat Resistance