PET is one of the toughest plastic in thermoplastics. It has excellent fatigue resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, electric properties, and low water absorption as well. PET modified with glass fiber and flame retardant can improve remarkably heat resistance, modulus, dimension stability and flame retardant properties, and widely used in automobile, electric & electron areas, etc.
Grades Characteristics Application (Case Share) Product Data Sheet MSDS UL
Auto Household Appliances High-end Consumer Electronics Others ASTM ISO
HEG3615 15%GF IP & Console
HEG3630 30%GF IP & Console
HEG3645 45%GF IP & Console
HEG3620FG 20%GF
HEG3630FG 30%GF
HEG3640FG 40%GF
HEG3620NH 20%GF,Non-Halogen