PMMA/ABS alloy is a kind of excellent materials. It takes good process and toughness of ABS, with good weather resistance, surface hardness and gloss of PMMA. The products are widely used in the spare parts of electric and electronics, as well as other items which have good appearance, especially the large size LCD. It has high gloss and no need of painting.
Grades Characteristics Application (Case Share) Product Data Sheet MSDS UL
Auto Household Appliances High-end Consumer Electronics Others ASTM ISO
ABS722 High Gloss,High Impact,anti-Scratch,PH=F BaseFront Shell
HAM8541H High Gloss,High Flow,anti-Scratch,PH=2H PanelFront ShellBase
HAM8541 Super Gloss,anti-Scratch,PH=H PanelFront ShellBase
HAM8580 Good anti-Scratch,High Gloss,Weather Resistance Pillar