PA/ABS alloy(HNB series)has some excellent properties that other materials do not have. The main advantages are ultra high impact strength, heat stability, chemical reagent, dimensional stability even better than Nylon, special surface low gloss effect,the damping and sound absorption properties of crystal mixed with amorphous materials.
Grades Characteristics Application (Case Share) Product Data Sheet MSDS UL
Auto Household Appliances High-end Consumer Electronics Others ASTM ISO
HNB0225 Heat Resistance
HNB0270 High Impact,High Heat Resistance IP & ConsoleDoor PanelSunroof
HNB0225G2 10%GF
HNB0255G4 20%GF,High Heat Resistance
HNB0225G6 30%GF,High Impact
HNB0250FR Chemical Resistance,Flame Retardant
HNA0370 Weather Resistance IP & Console